Hello,can i practice Zhong Yuan Qigong and 8 sections of brocade?


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hello, ia started learn with master to 1 level of Zhong Yuan Qigong..but i know about several powerful practics like 8 peices of brocade..and i want to study them for health

Артур Пирожков

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I know few ZYQ practitioners and instructors, who combine their ZYQ personal practice with tai chi. Also, for more than 10 years I've never heard of any contraindications to mixing them.

I just wouldn't recommend doing it together in one session.

Nataliya Urban

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Hallo, Drew Art, there is absolutely no contradiction in practicing ZYQ and any arts of health qigong. Our Grandmaster emphasizes that there are no prohibitions here. Just the other way round: in ZYQ there can sometimes be a lack of movement, so it is quite right to involve some moving practices, like the 8 brocades, in the training program.
I also combine other methods with ZYQ, for more movement and body training.